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Modes Vienna

Formerly known as Modes Vienna, we worked with renowned local and international fashion brands. The company has changed it's name to Damask for the purpose of it's change of direction in the field towards a more modern approach. We not only kept the existing clientele but we also welcome new ones.

Striving on quality, Modes Vienna was known by their customers as the best. Finding solutions to problems such as tight production schedules, ordering missing trimmings, adjusting the patterns and so much more, the company was always there for their customers. The factory was named by it's founder Mr. Fayez Baghdi as "Modes Vienna" because he had visited the city of Vienna in Austria and fell in love with not only the beauty but the attention to minute details. This encouraged him since the city embodied the same principle of attention as he has.

As of today, the company is called Damask for this name represents not only a type of fabric but one that derives from back home where Mr. Baghdi is originally from.

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